FlashPhix - Flash & Exposure Fix

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Производительность Фото и видео
Разработчик renzo verleysen

Bring light and color to all your pictures with FlashPhix 2, the most powerful way to adjust a pictures exposure and colors!

Do you have underexposed pictures?

Nothing is lost, with FlashPhix you can simulate a camera flash on every picture at full resolution or correct pictures which are over- or underexposed. You can even recolor the lighting of your images to create magnificent effects!

FlashPhix provides you with a set of features which enable you to control a pictures exposure, colors and contrast to the detail. You can either bankrupt yourself buying a digital camera with light sensor and advanced photo editing tools or buy FlashPhix 2 for a scratch and enhance your pictures like a professional photographer.

-High Resolution support (+1.600x+1.200 pixels, Open & Save)
-Function to change the intensity of colors separately to create beautiful effects
-Uses a technique to create a natural flash look
-Simple "Lighting" function with a slider to control intensity
-"Advanced Lighting" function with multiple sliders to control light, dark and global tones separately
-"Magic Lighting" function to optimize the exposure of your picture automatically
-Ability to brighten, darken and control contrast
-Previews to see changes before applying them
-Easy to use
-Eye-catching interface with dock

FlashPhix is a must have for all iPhone photographers, we guarantee a Day versus Night improvement!